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KiwiSaver Calculator

your current age and retirement age will help us work out your kiwisaver worth.Please enter a current age below 65, and an ideal retirement age between 65 and 90

your current financial situation is necessary to determine your final kiwisaver balance. Not all fields need to be filled in if they don’t relate to you. Note: monthly contributions are voluntary top ups to your account. Leave this field blank if you don’t regularly contribute to your account.



your fund type greatly impacts your estimated fund balance. If you don’t know what fund you’re in, assume a conservative fund.

your PIR rate is used to calculate how much tax you’ll pay on your income. If you are unsure of your PIR rate, assume 28%.

your contribution percentage is based on the percentage of your income you pay into your KiwiSaver fund. Your employer will also pay a percentage into your fund. You can find out the employer rate by checking with your employer, or you can assume this rate will be 3%.


By age you will have around


That’s around


each week until you’re age 90.

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